Publications and Impact

During the last eight years, I published several materials.  I published 32 materials, including institutional open reports, peer-reviewed papers, books, and book chapters. I have also produced many media and video materials. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts on it!

Narrative Disputes on Wikipedia and the 2022 Brazilian Elections 

(Meedam, 2023)


Mapping Political Content on Youtube in the Brazilian Elections of 2022 (Mozilla Foundation, 2023)

Viu Politica Final Report EN.pdf

How Smart Cities Leverage Big Data and Sensors to Bridge Digital Inclusion Gaps (University of Milan, 2023)

Paper Milano.pdf

Sympoiesis of the Invisible: narratives about tech decolonization in the Global South (Preprint, 2023)

TechDecolonization Revision.pdf

Integrating the SETA model to combine digital literacy and language preservation (Preprint, 2023)

Integrating the SETA model to combine digital literacy and language preservation.pdf

Abstraction Clusters to Understand Digital Development (Tübingen University Press, 2022)

Bonami_Abstraction Cluster_Print.pdf

Mollina Declaration on Youth Power and Media and Information Literacy (UNESCO, 2022)

Mollina Declaration 2022.pdf

Decolonizing the Invisible: narratives about technology in Brazil

(Universität Tübingen, 2022)

Decolonizing the Invisible _ Universität Tübingen.pdf

The Amazon is online and it is not the Prime (Internet Governance Forum, 2022)

Material de Apoio TH#69 (1).pdf

Inauthentic Behaviour on Instagram: commercial and social-technical elements (Internet Lab, 2022)

Ph.D. Thesis: Ten Categories to understand Digital Application

(University of São Paulo, 2021)

Segundo exemplar Corrigida Tese Doutorado Beatrice Bonami - Versão Revisada - Documentos Google.pdf

Prospects for Children: a global outlook. (UNICEF, 2021)


Translations of MIL Concept: tracing policies in LAC countries

(UNESCO MIL Book 2021)


Platform Society through Complexity  (Draft)

(BJR, 2021)


Through three levels of Abstraction: towards an ecological framework

(Springer, 2021)


Education, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

 (Comunicar, 2020)

10.3916_C65-2020-04-english (3).pdf

Quarentenas Amazônicas (UFAM, 2020)


COVID-19 podcasts in Brazilian marginalized neighborhoods

(ECA-USP Journal, 2020)

172336-Texto do artigo-460577-1-10-20201223 (2).pdf

Qualitative Analysis of Digital Research and Practice

(Journal E-Learning, 2020)

DraftProofFinal1135241-Article Text (in Je-LKS standard format)-3112-1-10-20200926 (1).pdf

Connected Ecologies and Transorganic Quality in Networks

(Unisinos Journal, 2019)

Unisinos - 18498-60760056-1-PB (1).pdf

Communication and Education: links and networks (Atena Editora, 2018)


Communication and Education: links and networks (Atena Editora, 2018)


Master Dissertation: Emerging Literacies in a Connected World

(University of São Paulo, 2017)


Open Science to Promote Information Sustainability

(Universidad La Rioja/Spain, 2017)

Dialnet-ACienciaAbertaOContributoDaCienciaDaInformacao-720125 (1).pdf

The relevance of connectivity in promoting digital citizenship

(Intercom Journal, 2017)


Media and Information Literacy at University of São Paulo

(ABPEDUCOM Journal, 2017)

1-Manuscrito de capítulo-52-1-10-20190314.pdf

Network ecology for analyzing social media platforms

(Intercom Journal, 2017)


Digital Inclusion, Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing in Brazil

(IGI Global, 2016)


Internet usage in Brazil and levels of digital literacy

(Intercom Journal 2015)


Internet usage in Brazil and levels of digital literacy

(Intercom Journal 2015)


What does Literacy mean?

(LitCult Journal 2015)


On the media