I want to co-design a world where humans can grow with prosperous education and digital justice.

Since the beginning of my career, my main goal has been to offer meaningful experiences about how humans communicate their own world perspective. Each human is unique, and future economy and digital prospects should be able to reflect that.

Where I have been and whom I have worked with


DAAD/Deutsche Regierung/Universität Tübingen

Senior Ethnographic Researcher

Nov 2023 - Present

Project on Digital Education & Technology Appropriation of AI in bi-lingual Communities in African countries [focus on Senegal, Rwanda, Mozambique, and Kenya]

University of Amsterdam

Senior Ethnographic Researcher

Nov 2022 - Oct 2023

She performed as a field researcher and digital ethnographer on a project about digital language preservation, technology development, and environmental sustainability with indigenous communities in the Amazon Rainforest [focus on Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia]

Universität Tübingen

Fellow Teacher

Oct 2021 - Oct 2022

She taught in the Department of Global South Studies about Tech Decolonization and Digital Education in Developing countries.

World Health Organization 

Youth Advisor

Jan 2021 - Sept 2021

She co-created educational projects with local populations in the Amazon Rainforest to cope with disinformation during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Youth Advisor

Feb 2020 - Dec 2020

She co-designed digital distance learning strategies with youth in Latin America and Africa [focus on Brazil and Cameroon].

University College London


Feb 2019 - Jan 2020

She developed the Social Technical Model for Educational Technology and Digital Transformation Applications and successfully applied it in the Amazon Rainforest.

University of Rome 


Aug 2018 - Jan 2019

She analyzed Brazilian and Colombian rural education case studies and international efficiency in digital learning.

Brazilian State Government 

Technical Officer

Aug 2013 - Jul 2018

She co-developed digital curation strategies with indigenous youth in the Amazon Rainforest.


Computer Science

In process - 2024 [Online]

Post-Doc in Digital Inclusion, Data Privacy and Smart Cities

Completed in 2023

Ph.D. in Education, Innovation, and International Development 

Completed in 2021

MSc in Communication and Information Sciences

Completed in 2016

BA, Arts and Humanities

Completed in 2014

LSC, Digital curation

Completed in 2013